Strategic Planning

A consistent, integrated strategy is critical.

It does not need to be complex, but it should be clear and driving towards your established vision and differentiation elements you have identified as being critical to dominate your target market/sector.

By combining iterative strategy methodologies, originally used for fast paced internet businesses, with more traditional corporate strategy development approaches, we have created simple methodologies which can be used at any level of the organisation.

Strategic Planning

More often than not many SMEs are not thinking about how, at a high or more detailed level, the various elements of their company need to develop in an integrated fashion to meet their vision and objectives.  Sales runs ahead of operational capability, marketing is over promising while processes are underdeveloped. The result is frequently reputational damage which is difficult to recover from.

Typical elements of your integrated Strategic Plan should include:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Human Resources
  • Operations (& related processes)
  • Technology
  • Business Support Functions

Real World Experience

Our recent successful exit, which followed a 10 fold increase in revenue over the previous 6 years, was guided by integrated Strategic Planning.  Let us support you in your journey. Please contact us.

  • Testimonials

    Edge Advisory has supported Shell in a number of areas including analysis & strategy development, strategic planning, and growth opportunities. The flexible way in which they work, integrating with and guiding our internal teams, and the thinking they bring to the table is highly valued. We would not hesitate to recommend.

    – VP Global Strategic Planning,
    Capital Allocation and C.I.,
    Shell International