Our Services Cover Key Areas of Value Creation

Edge Advisory concentrates on key areas we feel are particularly relevant to clients, and particularly to SME owners, as they push towards the next stage in their companies’ development, including a profitable exit via acquisition.

  • Differentiation (and Competitive Strategy): Using experience gained at multiple clients and in the global company we built and sold, we help you define your optimal competitive differentiation. What are you doing particularly well relative to your competitors and to what your customers value?  What is your white space and where are you behind the curve in critical areas?  This will feed your market positioning and messaging and your strategic planning.
  • Strategic Planning: A consistent, integrated strategy is critical. It ties together your messaging to the market with the building of the internal capabilities (ensuring one does not get ahead of the other) across all functions, to reach your goals.  We define with you a realistic and coordinated roadmap your teams can get behind.
  • M&A Negotiation & Integration: A successful exit via acquisition is the goal of many founders and management teams. It takes multi-year planning to get into a position to receive attractive offers. Equally it takes a reasoned and disciplined approach to negotiate a letter of intent and to negotiate a win-win share purchase agreement. Given our experience in both corporate M&A (Shell’s global portfolio team) and as an entrepreneur (sale of co-founded company at an industry leading multiple) we can support you on your journey.

These are Edge Advisory’s main focus areas. We would be happy to discuss your challenges with you. Please contact us.

How we work with clients:

We tend to “work with” vs. “work for” the client in most cases – working closely as advisor/partner or augmenting an internal team to create and implement strategic programmes.

In this capacity we also interact closely with external firms, if they are used, (McKinsey, Accenture, IBM, market research firms, other partners) representing the client’s interests and ensuring they get the best value and solution.

Of course Edge Advisory also works on a more traditional project basis – researching and solving strategic problems.