Differentiation (and Competitive Strategy)

Growing a successful business is hard.  It takes focus and perseverance.

It also relies on a well thought out strategy – and the most important element of that strategy is the competitive strategy.  How your company will successfully compete over time against your many competitors for the attention of your customers.


The key element of competitive strategy is differentiation – and ensuring that the selected points of differentiation are those which will have the most impact on your growth.

  • What are the elements of the product or service
  • Relative to each other, which elements are most valued by your target market (now and in the future)
  • Relative to each other, which do you fulfil particularly well
  • Relative to each other, which do your competitors fulfil particularly well

Defining your points of differentiation will allow you to more easily define your messaging (internal and external) and also allow you to create your integrated strategic plan, incorporating all the other strategy elements, to get you to a dominant position in your chosen sector or sub-sector.

We would be happy to support and challenge your differentiation thinking (and strategy).  Please contact us.

  • Testimonials

    Edge Advisory has supported BP in the work to develop a strategy for Innovation. The nature of the relationship has been one of sharing and challenging concepts which has resulted in BP developing an optimum Innovation Agenda to drive growth. Edge Advisory provided the depth around the subject matter and we were very happy with their services.

    – Manager, Innovation & Emerging
    Trends, Global Business Innovation,
    BP Plc

    Edge Advisory led the development of the key growth and innovation themes RBS should concentrate on. In addition, supporting the RBS internal team, they actively participated in developing business cases and defining concepts and propositions for several new innovations.

    – Head of Group Innovation, RBS