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Going from Good to Great.

Posted by admin on September 7, 2022  |   Comments Off on Going from Good to Great.
In much of the business world there is a sense that a company must be great to be successful.

    This is not the case.

      What is required is to get the basics right and to consistently deliver on those. Just by doing this, you are guaranteed to outperform most of your competition, especially in the SME space.

        Most small and medium-sized businesses are challenged to develop and move forward with a consistent and well thought out strategy. At the heart of that strategy is their differentiation with respect to what their target customers value and what their competitors are delivering. From this then flows marketing, business development and the other business functions required to deliver successfully.

          Frequently, because the differentiation points are not defined the other elements are not focused and the business languishes. Or there is some measure of differentiation but the various elements of the business are not coordinated into a strategic plan which can deliver the base service consistently.

            Sort out differentiation and competitive strategy, and build up the business functions in a consistent way, and the rest will follow.

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